I2M Town Hall 2017

It’s almost halftime of 2017. . . .is your PAC prospering?

Are your grassroots growing? Are you doing deep work, or shallow work? 

Do you want to attend a meeting of PAC and grassroots professionals where you get to share ideas with your peers, rather than sitting through a lecture format?

Would you like to attend an event where in just a matter of hours you can leave with between seven and twenty-seven new ideas, to not just think about, but implement in your PAC or grassroots program?

If you need to get your programs in gear to actually meet and exceed your 2017 goals, this is the perfect time to share ideas and re-calibrate for the remainder of the year by attending the Innovate to Motivate Town Halls®.

Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2017

NFIB Board Room
1201 F St, NW
Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20004

PAC Town Hall – 8:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Grassroots Town Hall – 1:30-5:00 p.m

Each I2M Town Hall qualifies for 1.5 CAE credits.


There is a separate registration fee for each Town Hall and preferred pricing for attending both. 

To maximize attendee interaction, we intentionally limit attendance—-only 40 spaces are available.

Regular Registration

Industry Vendor Registration

“This I2M workshop is more interactive than other government affairs workshops I have attended. I found very valuable the new ways to think about value and alternatively to measure success."

“The quality of conversation made me think of PAC fundraising differently and helped me think of new ideas on my own—11 new ideas!”


What are the I2M Town Halls®?

Innovate to Motivate® (I2M) was the first conference of its kind created especially for veteran political involvement professionals. A hallmark of I2M is the interaction among diverse government relations professionals. The annual I2M conference is truly a grassroots effort, as a majority of the curriculum is designed by an Advisory Committee of PAC, grassroots and lobbying professionals. Participants challenge themselves through a rigorous conference curriculum of PAC and grassroots productivity topics, the science of influence as it relates to PAC and grassroots, and professional development strategies.

How do the Town Halls work? 
Town Halls are candid discussions of best practices where you determine the topics within our agenda. Attendance is intentionally limited so that each participant can share their challenge and get on the spot peer feedback and solutions. The Town Halls are facilitated by I2M’s co-founder and producer, Amy Showalter to make sure each participant gets their concerns aired and discussed, although we do spend more time on the most common topics.

Why should I attend the Town Halls?

Last year, our Town Hall participants said that they gained an average of seven new ideas from one of the two Town Halls—-not a bad investment for a few hours. What did last year’s attendees say about their Town Hall experience? (Contact information is available upon request)

Who facilitates the I2M Town Hall ®?
I2M Co-Founder and Producer, Amy Showalter, will facilitate both Town Halls. I2M faculty member Brett Kappel of Akerman, whose insights have appeared in over 30 publications in the last two years alone, will join us to provide updates on legal developments that impact PAC professionals.

In addition, I2M volunteer leaders will be in attendance, so don’t miss this opportunity to get feedback from some of the most respected and experienced political involvement pro’s in the business!


Regular Registration

Industry Vendor Registration

"The forum was excellent. I appreciated the leadership and engagement advice. The smaller group size was superb, I appreciate people around the table being able to present problems and best practices."

What PAC topics will be discussed?
We always start on a high note, by asking each participant to participate in our “Success Minute” exercise where you will share one piece of advice that has produced the most impactful result. Then you set the agenda. . . popular Town Hall discussions have included the following PAC topics:

  • New technology options for PAC fundraising
  • Recruiting for your PAC beyond the “usual suspects”
  • Nuances to creating a culture of PAC engagement
  • Creating a PAC contributor communications plan
  • Pros and cons of PAC – match programs
  • How to get the attention of PAC prospects
  • How to attract millennials to your PAC
  • How to properly use research to grow your PAC
  • Tips on managing the prior authorization process
  • Email fundraising campaign metrics
  • Combating PAC cynicism, opposition and hostility
  • Creating and improving your contribution guidelines
  • Creating PAC events that are memorable experiences
  • Innovative ways to recognize your top contributors
  • How to develop a working PAC Board
  • Moving from an “educational” PAC to a Purposeful PAC™
  • Designing “off season” PAC activities
  • How to set PAC fundraising goals
  • Creating annual PAC communications plans
  • Designing an emotionally engaging PAC website
  • How to equip, train and reward peer PAC recruiters
  • How to design a strategic incentive program
  • Selecting the best PAC messengers

What grassroots topics will be discussed?

New for 2017! Amy will share top line findings from the biennial Grassroots Influence Pulse (GRIP®) research findings. The GRIP® examines trends in grassroots influence tactics and how those tactics are received by legislators. . .do they have the desired influence effect? Join us and learn what’s working and how you can apply the research to your work.

After a brief review of the GRIP research findings, each participant will participate in our “Success Minute” exercise, where you will share a success tip with the class. After sharing your success tip, you’ll have the opportunity to share challenges and solutions on the following grassroots topics:

  • How to combat “fake news” (and how to know if your organization is contributing to the problem)
  • The value of letting your grassroots go fallow, and what to do when they are in “resting mode.”
  • Fly-in trends
  • How to properly analyze and use (or not use) your grassroots data
  • How to use (and measure) social network tools for grassroots engagement
  • Advocacy video techniques that spur engagement
  • Recruitment, retention and motivational tactics
  • Targeted message development
  • How to create a culture of authentic advocacy
  • Tips for increasing your AAQ (Authentic Advocacy Quotient)
  • Options for increasing third-party grassroots engagement
  • How to collect, analyze and re-calibrate from your grassroots “failures”
  • How to avoid the “grassroots success plateau”
  • Trends in orientation / onboarding new advocates
  • Methods to combat issue fatigue
  • Trends in Lobby Day events and implementation tactics
  • How to use strategic spontaneity to recognize your star advocates
  • Techniques for grassroots outreach with regulatory agencies
  • How to equip your advocates to manage hostile legislators
  • How to determine your grassroots ROI
  • How to manage the politics of internal grassroots culture change
  • Ways to keep volunteers engaged during the “off season”
  • Factors to consider when developing your strategic plan
  • How to manage the “rogue” grassroots volunteer
  • Considerations as you triage your grassroots issues
  • How to get your senior executives to appreciate the grassroots ROI
  • The pros and cons of grassroots leadership development programs
  • Conducting grassroots experiences vs. grassroots events

When and where are the Town Halls?
There will be two Town Halls – a PAC Town Hall and a Grassroots Town Hall. Both will be held at:

NFIB Board Room
1201 F St, NW
Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20004

The PAC Town Hall will be held from 8:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m., and the Grassroots Town Hall will be held from 1:30-5:00 p.m. There is a separate registration fee for each Town Hall and preferred pricing is available if you’d like to attend both.


Regular Registration

Industry Vendor Registration

"I2M and Amy are simply the best. I appreciated the exercises and brainstorming. This is active learning!"


The I2M Town Halls are an extension of the annual Innovate to Motivate®  Conference, sponsored by:

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