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The Immutable Truths: What Won’t Change in the Grassroots Influence, PAC, and Lobbying Professions...and How to Leverage Them for Breakthrough Innovations

You should want to produce work that lasts for years and leave an enduring legacy among your stakeholders. However, the time you spend learning something that expires takes the same amount of time you’d spend learning something that doesn’t expire. This is the reality that few people step back and think about. Unapplied truths lead to inertia and a lack of results.

If you learn things that don’t expire, you’re going to compound your knowledge. Think of it as compound interest for learning. What eternal, unapplied truths of the grassroots influence, PAC, and lobbying professions are you not applying to your work? Everyone wants to have innovative breakthroughs, but innovative breakthroughs come through two things: 1) a fundamental understanding of the profession; and 2) understanding what won’t change and how to apply those everlasting truths to new innovations. But you have to understand the eternal/immutable truths first.

In this first of its kind workstorm, all RIL participants will discuss at their table what won’t change in grassroots, PAC, lobbying, issue campaigns, etc. Experienced I2M Advisory Committee members will lead table discussions with thought-provoking questions, to kick start your dialogue. We’ll reconvene, make a list of our immutable truths, and explore how you can apply those immutable truths to innovative breakthroughs.

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