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The I2M Difference – Investing in Phenomenal Faculty

I2M is known for pioneering the integration of professional development curriculum into traditional government relations conference curriculum. We understood that our conference attendees knew how to do their jobs, but they wanted the “next level” content to help them succeed in, around and through their organizations.

The first I2M conference was held in 2002. At that time, we made a commitment to spend our money not on excessive food and beverage expenses (of course you’re fed well at any I2M conference), but to spend more of that money on hiring the best faculty that provides insights and applicable knowledge not readily available in traditional government relations conference formats. We believe that evidence-based insights that involve primary research and applicable insights are worth the investment.

On this page, you can find an updated link to their most recent blog posts, articles, and television interviews.

   Jonathan L. Bernstein

    Jim Canterucci

 Jeffrey Cufaude

   Scott Eblin

 Sam Horn


   Abby Marks Beale

  Maryann Murphy, MSW

   Dr. David K. Rehr

   Marcia Reynolds

Amy Showalter   Amy Showalter