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Greg Coker | Greg Coker Development

Government Affairs/Organization Development

Greg Coker is the president and CEO of Greg Coker Development Inc., whose mission is the development of the individual, team and organizations. Greg is an expert in human behavior and organization dynamics. His goal is for his audience members and readers to be moved to achieve higher levels of performance and for their organizations to be better places to work.

He is the author of three books: Building Cathedrals: The Power of Purpose, Soft Skills Field Manual and Healing the Wounds: Forgiveness & Reconciliation in the Workplace. His clients include education, business/industry, correctional facilities (reentry) and high performance individuals who benefit from his personal coaching.


What I do when I'm not at work

Spend time at the lake with my family.

On my desk right now

My laptop....much to the chagrin of my wife (my unofficial desk is the island in the middle of our kitchen)

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The best advice I ever received

That you can get anything out of life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want out of life!

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Forgiveness & Reconciliation: The Organizational Dynamic Leaders Can No Longer Afford to Ignore

Most organizations are not reaching optimum levels of performance for numerous reasons, with the lack of forgiveness and reconciliation among coworkers ranking at the top. While most employees eventually forgive, they rarely reconcile (true reconciliation, working together again as before the incident) believing reconciliation means "resolution" (addressing the incident). Forgive and reconcile, but don’t discuss the past, is the compelling message Greg Coker delivers with a powerful 1-2 punch!

In Healing the Wounds: Forgiveness & Reconciliation in the Workplace, Greg Coker offers a refreshing and firsthand perspective on this uncharted organizational dynamic, while building a convincing case on why forgiveness and reconciliation is indeed a key business issue that today’s leaders can no longer afford to ignore.

And like his two previous best-selling books, Healing the Wounds: Forgiveness & Reconciliation in the Workplace is packed with the best models and perspectives on individual, team and organizational effectiveness. Readers will turn each page more motivated to become the best version of themselves and better equipped with the tools to create a culture of forgiveness and reconciliation within their organization.

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