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Craig S. Fleisher, Ph.D. | Aurora WDC

Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Craig S. Fleisher, Ph.D., is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at Aurora WDC, Madison, WI, one of the globe’s leading intelligence professional service firms. Both in classrooms and boardrooms, his ideas, methods, and principles such as Analytic Fitness, KITs+1, Intelligence Analysis 3.0, FAROUT, and Intelligence-driven Innovation are presented internationally and regularly validated in dialogues & application with accomplished executives and top students. Among the top-cited Google Scholars in several subjects, Craig has been quoted in prominent intl. business media and advised associations, public agencies, think tanks & highly respected brands including 3M, Alcan, BHP, CIBC, EDS, ExxonMobil, GE, GM, HydroOne, IBM, J&J, Levi Strauss, Merck, Philips, P&G and Telstra.

What I do when I'm not at work

Spend time with my family.

On my desk right now

A pile (soon to be mountain?) of unread articles, books, and work in progress!

Twitter handle

@drcraigfleisher (follow me… I frequently tweet about public affairs phenomena)

Who I'm following on Twitter

@Geofutures, @mitsmr, @EllaMinty

The best advice I ever received

(No kidding here… it has to do with grassroots). The grass on “the other side of the fence” is not better or worse than your own – it’s just got its brown spots and weeds in different spots. It is always going to be greener… where you water it.

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Presentation Title & Description

Innovating Your Future

This interactive workstorm will help you to think, plan about, and create your and your organization's future in new and more powerful ways. As has been attributed to Abraham Lincoln, the best way to shape your future is to create it. Dr. Craig Fleischer's research, which now spans three decades in the field of managing public affairs and government relations/lobbying, has been focused on helping organizations develop pathways to both meet their own business and non-market goals while simultaneously generating net positive societal benefits. That research and experience with hundreds of organizations in North America and abroad has allowed him to identify several uniquely powerful tools and techniques (T&T's) that have empirical evidence of generating net (business/organizational-societal) benefits. One category of innovative T&T’s is called developing “foresight.” Using a driving analogy, if hindsight is driving by looking through the rear-view mirror, and insight is looking at the road ahead through the windshield, then foresight is about using powerful sensors, dynamic GPS and heads-up displays to “see” what is coming around the corner and over the hill! In this working session, he will be collaborating with you, covering several T&Ts in providing a "taste" of how you can take this back to your workplace after RIL to help your leadership and colleagues achieve new breakthroughs and results.

This workstorm is primarily interactive. You will:

• Be aware of co-emergent methods for getting your executives and colleagues to think about the future context in practical ways that can inform their plans and guide their current actions.
• Gain exposure to demonstrated foresight techniques such as Impact-Probability (I-P) matrices, scenarios, alternate futures, and backcasting that can help your organization better plan for a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) future.
• Practical ways for integrating these foresighting capabilities into your ongoing issues, non-market and stakeholder planning processes.

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