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Elizabeth Bisbee | Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

Intelligence Research Specialist

Elizabeth A. Bisbee has been with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for five years as an Intelligence Research Specialist, where she is consulted as the subject  matter expert in cryptocurrency for the DEA. She provides direct analytical support for ongoing DEA criminal investigations, conducts domestic and international training as well as develops policy and best practice guides for the Department of Justice. Elizabeth continually works with DEA domestic and foreign offices, as well as other federal agencies, to enhance law enforcement efforts within the virtual currency space. Before her time with the DEA, she was a Compliance Investigator for a global company conducting investigative interviews related to company ethical violations.

She has a Master’s degree in Investigative Psychology from University of Liverpool, a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Criminal Justice from Old Dominion University.

In addition to her academics, Elizabeth was a dual-sport scholarship athlete in cross-country and basketball. Even then she was a dedicated crime-fighter, working with the DEA, Arizona’s Scottsdale Police Department’s Crimes Against Persons Unit, and the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Prescott, AZ. Outside of work, she coaches cross-country at NOVA community college. Ms. Bisbee is an avid runner and completed her first Ironman in 2018.

What I do when I'm not at work

Run, hike and camp.

On my desk right now

Picture of husband and I at the top of a mountain, typical office supplies, coffee mug.

Twitter handle

No social media for me!

Who I'm following on Twitter

I’m not on Twitter, but if I was: John E. Douglas, Tom Hanks, Newton Running, btctn.

The best advice I ever received

Nothing commands respect more than a good work ethic.

Presentation Title & Description

From Nice to Necessary: How to Take Your Initiatives to the Next Level

A hallmark of the Innovate to Motivate philosophy is that insights from those outside our profession expand our thinking and skill set.  Don't miss this unique session where you will learn how to build and maintain momentum from someone who moved a nascent initiative forward in a huge bureaucracy. After all, all of us have had the proverbial "great idea" or concept for the "next big thing". Why do some indeed become the next big thing, and others languish?

It takes more than finding organizational sponsors and the ubiquitous, yet often undefined “senior leadership buy-in.” Learn from the leader of a globally-recognized cryptocurrency initiative program that she transformed from a small, two person initiative that not many believed in, to a 17 person team that is influential across the Department of Justice in just four short years. 

She will share how you can take your ideas from being nice concepts to necessary functions in your organization or department.

You’ll learn the following principles for success:
• Believing in your program --- what do you have to demonstrate besides passion and enthusiasm to gain momentum?  
• Understanding that not all "hard work" is equal, and how to perform the right type of hard work
• Investigation tactics – knowing what to analyze, what deserves further investigation, and what to ignore
• Tracking and taking responsibility for positive (and negative) results

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